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Hey, I'm Mark!

I'm a student from Hong Kong studying Computer Science and Mathematics. I enjoy classical music and play the piano as a hobby.

Feel free to look around! You can find out more information about me by clicking on the card in this section, or scroll down to find out about some of my past projects.


  • IB Alumni
  • Studying at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Graduating in 2025


  • Computer Science & Programming
  • Mathematics
  • Classical Music & Piano
More About Me


The best way to learn as a programmer is to program. I have no shortage of past projects under my belt. I've handpicked a shortlist of featured past projects below. You can also check out my full list of projects or my GitHub.

Personal Projects

Public Software

Work for Organisations


I had created a blog system and a "Word of the Day" widget for a school organisation known as the Humanities and Social Sciences Council.

ISSIA Magazine

The ISSIA is an international inter-school organisation aimed at cultivating global citizenship. I created their magazine website with a custom static site generator.

Visit ISSIA Magazine

Get in touch

Ask me anything about my journey, skills or potential project ideas!